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FAQs - Wax Melts

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are scented pieces of wax that are gently heated to melt in a wax warmer to release their scent into the air. Dee's Shed wax melts can be used in either an electric wax melter or a tea-light wax melter; however they release the best scent from a tea-light burner as this gets hotter. 

Why soy wax?

I deliberated some time about the best wax to use and in the end decided on soy as it is more environmentally friendly that paraffin wax. However; this is still open for debate considering that paraffin is a bi-product of the petroleum process, but it is not sustainable.

Soy wax is natural and is made from hydrogenated soy beans and is totally sustainable.  It is also a cleaner burn and does not have any toxins compared to paraffin wax which may also contain carcinogens. 

How to use wax melts?

Dee's Shed wax melts are either wax hearts or snap bars; depending on the strength of scent you like, just pop one or two hearts or segments into your wax melter and allow it to melt for a long lasting scent. Don't add any water or anything else into your wax warmer and follow your wax warmer instructions.

To clean or change scents, simply use a cotton wool ball to soak up the wax whilst it's still warm and dispose of in your general rubbish bin.

Wax Warmers

Your choice of wax warmer is entirely your own preference, however Dee's Shed wax melts work best in a tea-light wax warmer rather than an electric wax warmer. Tea light warmers get hotter than electric warmers, meaning the scent is stronger and goes further throughout the house, Be mindful though, that this may mean they are used up quicker.