Snap Bar Collection

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A collection of beautiful scented wax snap bars, specially selected for you.
  • Roses - Identical to freshly picked roses. Bring summer in with this beautiful, deep, crisp, red rose fragrance.
  • Effette - A warm powdery indulgence - earthy smoky tonka bean with a slight hint of lavender and almond. A well balanced oriental with a velvety amber base. If you could describe a fragrance as a enveloping hug, then this would be it!
  • Parisian Spring - Top notes of damascan rose, field hawthorn and bergamot lead into a prominent heart of violet, geranium and ylang ylang. Base notes include a sultry combination of oakmoss, powdery amber, sandal and cedarwoods. Reminds me a little of parma violets.
  • Arabian Silk - Alluring and exotic, sweet fruity undertones are encased by fresh powdered rose that drifts towards an intoxicating heart of amber and guaiacwood. Sweet lily and jasmine embrace the dark aroma of patchouli, before coming to rest on a woody bed of cedar and sandalwood, lightened by sweet vanilla musk.